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"Tucked quietly amongst billowing farmland, ribbons of streams and creeks, and groves of dense woodland, Vinton, Iowa has been preserved with a sense of community and a rich history. Since 1869 the town has weathered a world at war, an ever changing society, and disastrous acts of nature, yet through it all, the people of Vinton have maintained their Iowa values: a love of family, community, and the beauty of nature that surrounds them. Join with us as we reflect on the past 150 years and the road that brought us where we are today."


A 112 page spiral bound book containing a historical look back on Vinton, Iowa through photographs and expressive description.  Authors: Andrew Elwick & Melody Snow


Listed price includes cost of book, shipping, and handling.

Vinton, Iowa ~ A Hometown Remembers 150 Years

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